Reading Challenge 2017

As every other book lover, I have a reading challenge. This year my goal is 30 books which I am beginning to realise is a too small amount. I don’t always read every day and only read one book at the time but yeah yeah, my goal is 30 books. Since it’s May already and as I’m starting with this blog now, in the middle of the year I thought I should just list all the books I’ve read so far and I’ll fill it along the way. This is in alphabetical order, with the author’s last name. Now, this is not the order I’ve read them, I can’t remember the order of that. Now, as I update this, I’ve finished my reading challenge for 2017. The 15th of August I finished it to be exact but I’ll continue to fill this list in and see how many I’ll read by the end of the year.

  1. Adler-Olsen, Jussi – The Keeper of Lost Causes (S: Kvinnan i rummet)
  2. Adler-Olsen, Jussi – The Absent One (S: Fasanjägarna)
  3. Anders, Charlie Jane – All the Birds in the Sky
  4. Aveyard, Victoria – Red Queen (S: Röd Drottning)
  5. Blake, Kendare – Three Dark Crowns
  6. Cokal, Susann – The Kingdom of Little Wounds
  7. Collins, Suzanne – The Hunger Games
  8. Dillon, Lucy – A Hundred Pieces of Me
  9. Dillon, Lucy – One Small Act of Kindness
  10. Frey, James – Endgame: The Calling (S: Endgame: Kallelsen)
  11. Frey, James – Endgame: Sky Key (S: Endgame: Spelet)
  12. Frey, James – Endgame: Rules of the Game (S: Endgame: Striden)
  13. Gray, Claudia – Ten Thousand Skies Above You 
  14. Gray, Claudia – A Million Worlds with You
  15. Green, Sally – Half Wild
  16. Green, Sally – Half Lost
  17. Harmon, Amy – The Bird and the Sword
  18. Hawkins, Paula – The Girl on the Train
  19. Kaur, Rupi – Milk and Honey
  20. Maas, Sarah J. – Crown of Midnight
  21. Maas, Sarah J. – Heir of Fire
  22. Martin, George R.R. – A Dance with Dragons (S: Drakarnas Dans)
  23. McQuestion, Karen – From a Distant Star
  24. Meyer, Marissa – Scarlet (S: Scarlet)
  25. Meyer, Marissa – Cress (S: Cress)
  26. Moyes, Jojo – After You (S: Livet efter dig)
  27. Nesbo, Jo – Cockroaches (S: Kackerlackorna)
  28. Nesbo, Jo – The Redbreast (S: Rödhake)
  29. Roth, Veronica – Carve the Mark (S: Dödens märken)
  30. Wells, H.G. – The History of Mr. Polly