The 14 Prompt Challenge Pt. 10

Before reading I recommend clicking here where you’ll find all the necessary information that you really, really and I mean really need to know. The link will give you everything you have to know about this.

How do you find time to be creative when you’re busy? Well, I just stop whatever I am doing and paint, draw or write really. When I’m really busy I try to go to bed a bit earlier and then sit and read for a while, that way it makes it easier for me to fall asleep but it also makes me enjoy a book and relax my muscles for a bit, even if my eyes don’t.

However, there are many ways on how to be creative in a busy day. And that is today’s prompt, reflecting on your busy day and on the present. Joe Bunting writes in the E-Book that one way is to “carry writing tools with you (or steal them)”, which means that you can carry a pen and a piece of paper and write stuff as they come along, or describe things around you as you see them. You could also steal a napkin or a post-it note and a pen and write. Another way can be “to take advantage of downtime”, that if you miss a bus or train or plane or just gets some time over, you can sit down and write a bit or paint, or draw or whatever really. Joe Bunting lists several more things you can do but here are two suggestions. Personally, since I often carry one pen with me I have stolen people’s napkins and sometimes draw a little face or one time I took an entire post-it note pad and drew tiny turtles on each note so when flipping them you get a short stop-motion film which was kinda funny.

Honestly, I am not even as busy as people think, for some reason, people tend to think I am a busy person but I really am not. I like having things to do, not sitting still all day. Preferredly, I like moving around, but at the same time, I like sitting still and being busy, like studying, writing, painting, drawing or whatever. But I hate just laying in bed doing nothing. So I had a little problem with this prompt, reflecting on my busy day and the present moment because I didn’t see this day a busy. But this is me doing some reflection on my own life for once so here we go!

— & —

As I wrote this I didn’t see myself as busy but when I thought about it, I realised that I’ve done a lot of things in a few hours. Like I was cleaning the kitchen, working out, showering, eating, walking the dog and doing the laundry. At the time I was doing these tasks I didn’t feel busy but now when I list all the things I’ve done today and – the clock is only 2 pm – I feel busy but content. I like feeling productive and currently, that’s what I am feeling.

Now I’ve changed my environment a bit, instead of being cooped inside and doing tasks I took the computer out and laid down in our hammock in the garden and I adore it. With one leg outside pushing me to the left and right, giving a little speed – like rocking a sleeping baby. It’s warm outside, not the kind of heat that makes your head spin but I can lay in jeans with a thin blanket and a t-shirt, besides, we don’t have that kind of heat up here. Whenever I lay in this hammock I feel peaceful, my fingers moving over the keyboard, sometimes taking a short break and resting my head against the fabric while swinging lightly to the right then left, closing my eyes, opening them and looking at the blue sky filled with white clouds. I enjoy it. Mostly, I like hearing the neighbour’s little waterfall drip down in their tiny pond, it feels like when I was up in the mountains a couple of years ago with my family,  and we were drinking the ice cold water from the streams and walking along paths and open landscape. And with some music from Niall Horan’s Tunes (playlist on Spotify heh) everything is very nice. I was quite surprised though, listening to a former One Direction member when I was never a fan, however, I like the songs on the playlist so it doesn’t really bother me.

— & — 

By the music thing, in the end, I realised I had basically nothing else to write about and it felt like a good end to this “reflection” or whatever to call it really.

And of course, I’ll give you the link to The Write Practice website because these prompts are in no way my own. Nope, here’s the link >here. And here’s the E-book (here) which is what these prompts are based on. The book is for free, just follow their steps since you need to subscribe to their website. But if you enjoy writing I don’t think their E-mails are annoying.

If you’d like, feel free to write your own reflection on your busy day and present in the comments. Otherwise, have a lovely day folks.


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