Books And Movies, But What About Shows?

Skärmavbild 2017-06-18 kl. 13.47.50e have all been thinking about it, no point in denying it okay? We have at least one book we want as a movie or show, however, liking or disliking it is another story. I have several books that I would like to be turned into movies or shows, HOWEVER, a part of me is like “njaaaaa” and another is like “oh yes”. I am very frightened if the movie/show turns to shit. It has happened before (The Mortal Instruments) and it just disappoints me a lot. I was even wondering if I was going to write this because I honestly don’t want a book’s movie/show to be complete trash. But yea yea, you gotta confront your fears if you ever gonna grow out them right?

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Endgame – James Frey

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Goodreads Synopsis on Endgame: The Calling #1

Twelve thousand years ago, they came. They descended from the sky amid smoke and fire, and created humanity and gave us rules to live by. They needed gold and they built our earliest civilizations to mine it for them. When they had what they needed, they left. But before they left, they told us someday they would come back, and when they did, a game would be played. A game that would determine our future.

This is Endgame.

For ten thousand years the lines have existed in secret. The 12 original lines of humanity. Each had to have a Player prepared at all times. They have trained generation after generation after generation. In weapons, languages, history, tactics, disguise assassination. Together the players are everything: strong, kind, ruthless, loyal, smart, stupid, ugly, lustful, mean, fickle, beautiful, calculating, lazy, exuberant, weak. They are good and evil. Like you. Like all.

This is Endgame.

When the game starts, the players will have to find three keys. The keys are somewhere on earth. The only rule of their Endgame is that there are no rules. Whoever finds the keys first wins the game. 

Skärmavbild 2017-06-12 kl. 12.11.44his is quite obvious to me, this book is an action-packed one. Think of watching a science-fiction version of James Bond with their little pen-lasers and travelling. It has the interesting plot with a lot of twists and nothing is ever really slow and loads of cool characters that you’d love and hate and ship and everything. I honestly think this one would be better as a series than a movie because it’s so much going on for all the characters you would have to skip a lot to fit everything into the movie and well, you’d disappoint us, viewers. But on the other hand, it would be good as a movie as well because watching a 20 episode of one book would be quite slow and that’s what this book is not, but maybe it would be better as a short series with like 8-11 episodes and three seasons, one for each book. But then it’s the money question, anyone with a thick wallet? No? Well, we can’t have everything we want right?

The Lunar Chronicles – Marissa Meyer

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Goodreads Synopsis on Cinder #1

Sixteen-year-old Cinder is considered a technological mistake by most of society and a burden by her stepmother. Being cyborg does have its benefits, though: Cinder’s brain interference has given her an uncanny ability to fix things (robots, hovers, her own malfunctioning parts), making her the best mechanic in New Beijing. This reputation brings Prince Kai himself to her weekly market booth, needing her to repair a broken android before the annual ball. He jokingly calls it “a matter of national security,” but Cinder suspects it’s more serious than he’s letting on.

Although eager to impress the prince, Cinder’s intentions are derailed when her younger stepsister, and only human friend, is infected with the fatal plague that’s been devastating Earth for a decade. Blaming Cinder for her daughter’s illness, Cinder’s stepmother volunteers her body for plague research, an “honor” that no one has survived.

But it doesn’t take long for the scientists to discover something unusual about their new guinea pig. Something others would kill for.

Skärmavbild 2017-06-12 kl. 12.17.32 think this one would be very interesting. Think, the first movie Cinder get’s introduced, then Scarlet, then Cress and lastly Winter, I mean, how cool isn’t that? The somewhat strange but good romance, the tiny twists and the world. That would be the most interesting, to see the spaceships outside of your imagination, the castle – the moon and the Lunar people. Like what would they look like? Or what would they wear since they feel so superior to earthlings? I am already spinning ideas here haha. And most of all, the cyborgs and Cinder, like what would she look like? And Cress with her super long hair and Wolf? Like the sharp teeth, the scars and everything? Oh Dear, I really want this now haha. And of course, good-looking Thorne. If these movies then have to be four hours long I am ready to watch it, I don’t care how much my butt will hurt, I will watch it. The funny thing is I’m not even that big fan of the books but I wanna see the movies really bad.


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Half Bad – Sally Green

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Goodreads Synopsis on Half Bad #1

Wanted by no one.
Hunted by everyone.

Skärmavbild 2017-06-12 kl. 12.17.32 feel like these are too short to be a series and are best to make as movies, perhaps the third one could have two parts but on the other hand, I wouldn’t have the energy to wait for it. What I would like to see in this “production” is the brutality. I want it to be as dark as Hannibal, not Midsomer Murder like Hannibal or Dexter but I want it to be as dark as I see the books. And of course, the gifts and characters, like Nathan and Gabriel, man, I wanna hear Gabriel’s accent and Nathan’s. I have a thing for people with a British accent, it’s weird but I’ve stopped questioning it a long time ago. Then as for the world itself, I couldn’t really care less, the pure reason I want this as a movie is that I wanna hear Gabriel’s accent. Yeah, there is basically no other reason.

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Skärmavbild 2017-08-05 kl. 22.19.17.png

Goodreads Synopsis on Throne of Glass #1

Skärmavbild 2017-06-12 kl. 12.17.32 don’t think I am the only one who hopes this end up as a series or movie, mostly I hope for a series because so much is going on and everything takes forever. But at the same time, I wonder what the characters would look like, and think about the world, like landscape wise and the palace and all the characters. Like, think what a badass Celeane would be, how cool she would look. And the magical abilities and the fights and everything. If this were to be a series or movie I hope they don’t skip much of the brutality, especially during the fights and like, I hope they take their time with the characters and don’t skip much. I remember watching The Book Theif after reading the book and I was so disappointed because they skipped so much and so many events and characters I was really sad. But at the same time, they caught the most important things but I would like to have seen more. But what I can do? Nothing. Well, in the future I hope it gets better.


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Iknow I complained a bit about series/movies that disappointed me when I saw them – The Mortal Instruments and The Book Theif – and I know there are perhaps money issues and like technology issues and I know basically nada about making a movie. In my eyes, you just need a camera and some people who can act but I know there are tons of people behind the scenes making everything.

, well, you do you have a book(s) that you’d like to be turned into a movie or series? Feel free to share and have a good day folks.


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