The 14 Prompt Challenge Pt. 9

Before reading I recommend clicking here where you’ll find all the necessary information that you really, really and I mean really need to know. The link will give you everything you have to know about this.

Hello, there, hope you have a nice day. Today’s prompt is about birds. Yes, I realised a long time ago the temes in this Ebook is a bit strange but yea, yea I feel like they make me at least a bit better writer. Apperantly, writing about birds can (and I’m quoting Joe Bunting here);

Birds can add a touch of detail that lights up our writing with life

Yeah, sounds a bit strange in my ears. But I remember the first time I wrote this I wrote about a couple of birds outside a window and it turned out to be the worst text I’ve ever written. Yeah, the people I did this with didn’t like it at all. Usually, there were like two people who liked it and one who didn’t or something like that, but after this prompt no one liked the text. But after a while, when I was sitting and writing a story for school I realised I thought about the birds again and this time it turned out pretty good. Can’t say it was one of my best works but it was better than before. So maybe writing about birds is a good thing cause you gotta know a good work before you know a bad one right?

— & —

They were sitting beside each other, their backs to me, the parent beside the child. I remembered when I was young I used to do what my parents did, perhaps I still do, nevertheless, here the child was imitating the parent. Learning from them, but then again, isn’t a parent supposed to guide their child through life?

I suddenly wondered where they were from, who they were and why they sounded like they do. It sounded just like my dog’s toy, a peeping sound that normally would be annoying but today it was so quiet and together with the neighbour’s little waterfall and the warm summer winds it all made sense and didn’t bother me at all. What a strange thing.

Suddenly the parent left the branch and flew a bit higher, the child eager following, always close to their mother. The green wings soon landed on a thicker branch closer to the ground. What a dangerous place normally don’t you think? But I couldn’t see any animals around so maybe it was safe. The parent’s black beak poked the child’s head, a sharp, pointy thing, urged the child forward. And the child’s brown head soon bend down, as if in shame or submission. The yellow chin touching the light green chest, showing the brown back. Its dark brown – like a rotten three – head, then the further down your eyes went the lighter the skin of the bird went. Soon it stopped entirely, no more brown, the rest were green, several shades, green, light green, and some green’s with blue’s in them. The two birds weren’t particularly beautiful, there were more beautiful birds than these two but somehow they charmed me anyway. When the parent was done poking the child it flew away, right up to the sky and the child easily flew after, as if it was scared of being left behind. That took me back to when I and mum went shopping and I lost her at the mall, I remember being so scared and lost. At last, I found her, and so did the bird.

— & —

I think this is actually my worst work I have done in a very long time, I found so little inspiration. It was raining, and thunder and stuff so I could hear no birds and I could see no birds so I did some googling and tried to remember sound from birds I’ve heard before.

And of course, I’ll give you the link to The Write Practice website because these prompts are in no way my own. Nope, here’s the link >here. And here’s the E-book (here) which is what these prompts are based on. The book is for free, just follow their steps since you need to subscribe to their website. But if you enjoy writing I don’t think their E-mails are annoying.

Have a lovely day folks.


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