What is it? (Really recommend reading)

Here is some background information that I really, really recommend you read. First of all, I’m pretty sure this “challenge” doesn’t exist, and if it does it’s definitely not called “challenge” but I couldn’t come up with anything else. Second, of all it does not belong to me, the ideas belong not to me whatsoever.

A few months ago I stumbled upon a website called The Write Practice (link here), which is a website that “is here to kick-start your practice.” The people behind this website are 7 people who are soon-to-be-published, authors, editors and more who help people with their writing and how to improve it. They have different ways of helping people with their writing such as so-called “Programs”, “Books” and articles about writing. I really recommend the website if you like writing.

What I’m going to do is do the “14 Prompts” (link here), it’s a book with fourteen different ways to inspire yourself and a few different techniques to improve your writing, you are to write for 30 mintues and then look at your work. If you subscribe to their website you get the E-Book for free (that’s what I did those months ago). And I honestly love it. It has helped me and some of my friends with our writing, in both English and Swedish to which I’m very grateful to. The prompts are recommended to do in either groups with for example friends or you can write them in comments on The Write Practise’s website where anyone can comment and give you tips about what was good and what you need to think of. I have not done that because I had my friends who don’t mind pointing out the flaws in the things I write.

The one who wrote this short E-Book is named Joe Bunting and he is an editor, ghostwriter and more who enjoys playing Angry Birds with his wife Talia – and more. He lives in Gainesville, Georgia which is a tiny town outside of Atlanta.



What I’ve decided to do is to do this all over again, and this time publish it onto here. Mostly, I am doing this for myself but I hope to inspire someone to try this out as well because even though I’ve already done this once I think it’s very helpful so I want to do it again. And I recommend checking their website out if you like writing because I find it very helpful and I don’t think I am the only one.


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